236 North Pearl Street, Albany, NY 12207 (directions)
SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP: 8:00am & 10:45am
SUNDAY SCHOOL: 9:30am each Sunday morning
HOLY BAPTISM: 4th Sunday morning of each month
HOLY COMMUNION: 1st Sunday during 10:45am svc


Beauty Club Ministry

Beauty Club Ministry members are obligated to provide a continuance of beauty, glorification and edification in God's house by enhancing the sanctuary with flowers, special lighting fixtures, decorations for special events and holidays. We assist our church, Pastor and other ministries as needed.

Bookert Willingham Scholarship Fund Ministry

The Bookert Willingham Scholarship Fund Ministry is dedicated to raising funds to offer assistance to our youth to further their educational ventures. Funds are received from various establishments and fund raising events.

Building Fund Ministry

The Building Fund Ministry is a means through which members of Mount Olive Southern Missionary Baptist Church are invited to contribute to emergency repairs to our existing building or future projects.

Missionary Care Ministry

Missionary Care Ministry refers to every woman, man and child as missionaries; our ministry members go beyond the walls of the sanctuary to address the needs of others through acts of kindness, service and outreach.

Pastor Support Ministry

The Pastor Support Ministry, along with Mount Olive's church family supports the Pastor and his family with prayer, encouraging words and financial acts of love as they travel to conventions and meetings. We initiate fundraiser events to make sure the Pastor receives "extra special attention" throughout the year. Our ministry remembers him on holidays, birthdays and his pastoral anniversary.


Adult Bible Study Ministry

The Adult Bible Study Ministry studies the books of the Bible, as well as various topics. Study materials are used to enhance the understanding of God's Word.

Christian Education Ministry

As Christian believers, our Christian Education Ministry's goal is to equip God's people through the Word of God, prayer, bible study, sharing fellowship in workshops, conferences and seminars. To minister one to another and improve our faithfulness to God and ourselves so our foundation is and can be solid and we can build our life on Jesus Christ.

Sunday School Ministry

The Mount Olive Southern Missionary Baptist Church Sunday School offers Christian education for all ages. The mission is to actively support the church by providing a sound Christian educational foundation.

Youth Bible Study Ministry

The Youth Bible Study Ministry offers creative bible study for our youth. "But Jesus said, suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me; for of such is the kingdom of heaven". (Matthew 19:14).


Laymen's Ministry

The mission of the Mount Olive Southern Missionary Baptist Church Laymen is to enlist and coordinate the manpower of the church for effective performance.

Mothers' Board Ministry

Mothers' Board Ministry members will assist with the needs of the congregation, and to be the example by being faithful, devoted and committed to the success and well-being of the church.

Women's Guild Ministry

The Women's Guild Ministry shall help in every way to create an opportunity for women to experience God's reliability, and to encourage their spiritual growth in the church.

Young People's Department Ministry

The Young People's Department Ministry consist of youth and young adults of all ages coming together to share the blessings of the Lord. We assist in providing educational and fun activities to serve the youth and young adults of the community.


Deaconess Ministry

The Deaconess Board lives and teaches in accordance to the scripture. Also, by the aid of the Holy Spirit, enrich the lives of church members and the community through training, prayer and sympathetic support. Our ministry prepares the elements of Holy Communion and Baptism, supporting the Pastor and deacons and witnessing to everyone the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Deacons Ministry

The office of Deacon in the Mount Olive Southern Missionary Baptist Church is one of leadership and service. The Deacons serve under the leadership of the Pastor and assist him in performing duties in order to free him for the ministry of the Word, in accordance with the charge given in Acts 6: 3-8.

Ministerial Staff Ministry

Ministerial Staff are leaders, who assist the Pastor with prayer, teaching and leading the worship service on Sunday mornings. They have been called to minister to God's people and help build the community through their outreach work.

Trustee Board Ministry

The trustees are faithful stewards and managers for the total possessions, real property and financial assets of the church. They are legal agents of the church when conducting business for the purpose of real property, land acquisition, management, securing permits and transportation assistance.


Choir Ministry

The Mount Olive Choir Ministry uses musical abilities to help the congregation worship the Lord with members of the choir. The choir's main goal is to bring the congregation into a place of worship. We are a willing body who use our talent for God's Glory. As a choir member, it is our responsibility to be dependable to deliver music in composition for faith believers.

Our Choirs
  • Catherine Surgick Youth & Young Adult Choir
  • Chouresters Gospel Choir
  • Irene Stovall Gospel Choir
  • Male Chorus
  • Senior Chorus


Adam "Doc" Willingham Usher Board Ministry (Juniors & Seniors)

This ministry will give a warm smile as they meet, greet and seat our church family, friends and visitors as they enter the doors of the sanctuary.

Nurses Unit Ministry

The Nurses Unit Ministry is responsible for the needs of the Pastor and other ministers in the pulpit during service; we also care for any member along with the Usher Board Ministry if someone becomes ill during church service.